How to style a black shirt?

Black is that universal and versatile color that can be styled with any and every outfit. The color’s depth is such that it easily blends with every other color and from formal to semi-formal to casual, a black shirt will always make you look up to the mark!

This blog is your go-to guide for everything related to a black shirt.

From where to get that perfect black shirt to the color’s that go best with black to how you can style a black shirt, you will find everything in this blog. 

Things to Remember before buying a Black shirt-

A chic woman’s go-to accessory is a well-fitting black shirt. Simply said, it looks classy and contemporary on its own and adds precision to any ensemble. In a black shirt, you are never over or underdressed. Thus, it’s critical to get the ideal black shirt for your preferences and requirements. When buying a black shirt, here are some things to keep in mind-

1. Fabric- 

When worn with synthetic fabrics like viscose, black appears better than cotton. However considering breathability, go for a mix of cotton and synthetic. Silk or Satin fabric shirts also bring an expensive-looking vibe to a black shirt.

2. Fit-

If the fit and size are correct, a black shirt can flatter practically any body type. Therefore, make sure the shirt is neither too tight nor too loose. Wearing a well-fitting shirt not only makes you look more polished, but it also helps to preserve your body’s shape. 

3. Details-

A good quality shirt is distinguished by details like collar, cuffs and button design. For example, a spread collar and regular fit might be a good choice for a casual date night.

4. Button Spacing-

Make sure their is an appropriate button spacing so the shirt fits well. An apt button spacing totally depends on your upper body type.

Tips for styling a Black Shirt-


Both light and dark colors go well with black. Thus, you can wear darker hues like brown or navy with lighter ones like sky blue and camel .


A black shirt can look incredibly put together with the correct accessories. You may pair accessories made of gold and silver with black. Or even metallic or bright hues.


Black is good for both formal and casual occasions. For a more formal appearance, wear your black shirt with a jacket or blazer. For an exquisite yet comfortable look, you could also layer a cardigan or jumper over the shirt.


A black shirt might look more professional with a skirt or pair of pants. For example, you can seem sophisticated by wearing your black shirt with wide-leg pants or a pencil skirt.


Ankle boots, high boots, various pumps, and even ballet flats are all appropriate. You may wear black with a number of other color and style alternatives.

All these tips will help you elevate your Black shirt outfit instantly, but just in case you’re not in the mood for experimenting, read on to get outfit ideas that will definitely enhance your style.

What colors look good with a black shirt?

Black is the versatile color that would complement any and every outfit. Following are some colors that would look great with a black shirt-

Black: A full black outfit can never be the wrong choice. A black shirt with black pants or skirt is meant to give you a sophisticated and elegant look.

White: Black and white are a timeless combo that always looks fantastic. A sharp, tidy appearance can be achieved by wearing a black shirt with white pants or a skirt.

Red: Red goes nicely with black because it’s a strong, vivid hue. For a bold look, try wearing a red skirt or red pants with a black shirt.

Pastels: Paler pastel hues, such as lavender, pink, and blue, can create a subtle contrast. For example, a lavender blazer on a black shirt would look really stylish.

Brights: When combined with black, vivid, bright hues like orange, green, and yellow may create a powerful impression. Just be careful to strike a balance between the color’s brightness and the black’s darkness.

Pinterest Inspired Black Shirt Outfits-

White pants-

A timeless, classic option that results in a sleek, elegant appearance. Make a wise choice and style that monochromatic outfit. With this combo, you can always make the outfit stand out, regardless of the event. Pair it with some gold accessories to enhance the look.

Blue denim-

A simple black shirt and denim pants can make a statement every day, every time.

Denim and black blend well together and give off an easygoing yet stylish look. This stunning combination looks even better with the shirt’s sleeves rolled up and sneakers added.


If you’re in the mood to dress stylishly but subtly, a black shirt and shorts can make that happen in a heartbeat. Choose your most fashionable shorts, be they made of denim or another material, and wear them with a simple black shirt.

Formal pants-

 A formal pair of trousers in colors like grey or beige can be worn to provide a sleek and modern look. This monochromatic fit can also be styled with other contrast colors to set a hallmark.

Pencil skirt-

The secret to getting compliments is to look professional, and you ladies can achieve this look by wearing a pencil skirt and a stylish black shirt.  Pair it off with some stylish accessories like a bag and shades to complete the look.


Layering a blazer over a black shirt creates an elegant and modern look. This look is perfect for those office meetings or even a date night.

These chic black shirt outfit ideas for all occasions will help you look your best for board meetings, elegant dinner dates with friends, and beachfront family cruises! A simple button-down black shirt can take you places, if styled with the right colors and accessories.

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